What are BATiP’s ?

Bangladesh Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platforms (BATiPs) are industry and organization-led stakeholder for recognized by the Bangladesh as key actors in driving innovation, knowledge transfer for sustainable aquaculture.

BATIPs develop research and innovation agendas and roadmaps for action at Bangladesh and national level to be supported by both private and public funding. They mobilise stakeholders to deliver on agreed priorities and share information across the Bangladesh.

By working effectively together, they also help deliver solutions to major challenges of key concern to citizens such as the ageing society, the environment and food and energy security.

BATIPs are independent and self-financing entities. They conduct their activities in a transparent manner and are open to new members.

BATIPs have a strategy, mobilisation and dissemination function. In order to fulfil their role, their main activities encompass:

  • developing industry-focused strategic research and innovation agendas including technology roadmaps and implementation plans;
  • encouraging industry participation in Horizon 2020, the Bangladesh’s framework programme for research and innovation, and cooperating with networks in Member States;
  • fostering networking opportunities with other BATIPs and other partners along the value chain to address cross-sectoral challenges and promote the move towards more open models of innovation;
  • identifying opportunities for international cooperation;
  • acting as one of the channels of external advice for the programming and implementation of Horizon 2020; notably, BATIPs have been a key driving force behind the launch of high profile public-private partnerships under the programme.