AKM Shahajahan

Tilapia Enterpreneur

AKM Shahjahan Shaheen lives in Basontopur village under Munsirhat union of Chaddogram Upazilla of Cumilla district. According to his name, the farm name is Shaheen fisheries. Academically Shaheen is a master degree holder of Political science. After finishing his studies he waited for a job for a while. But when he did not get it, he decided that he would culture fish farming. He told his father the secret intension of his mind. So, he starts fish culture together with his four bosom friends with a partnership approach in the year of 2005. In the first year, due to sudden flood the farm loses a lot. In the 2nd year his father gave him more encouragement. This year his entire partner left him by taking their share and say that they will not a longer with this fish farming business. Though there was not too much profit in the second year. In the third year especially for his father’s inspiration, he again enters the work with great care which shows him a lot of profit, which is still continuing. He is the pioneer fish producer (farmer) of his area. Friends, who leave him, want to invest again as a shareholder. But he did not agree. Now his total number of pond are 50, area 100 acre, total employee-30 nos, average production-580 ton/year, total feed used-750 ton. Main fish culture species are- tilapia and Indian major carp. He has three  daughters  and one son. Fish culture turns Shaheen into a prominent person in this area.