Tarique Sarker


Mohammed Tarique Sarker, Director, Research & Development, Fishtech (BD) Limited. Before starting Fishtech (BD) Ltd., he worked different Fish & Shrimp project & in Quality Feeds Ltd. He also provided consultancy in different Feed Mills regarding Feed formulation, nutrition & Quality control. Presently he also giving advisory services among some feed Mills, Hatcheries & some big Fish farms. Tarique Sarker joined different international seminar, Training program & workshop in home & abroad. He also provided Training for Fish farmers & input sellers regarding fish farming Management joint collaboration with USAID/PRICE, INNOVATION, KATALYST & HELVETAS Swiss international. Tarique Sarker also a writer of different daily, weekly newspapers & Quarterly Science journal of Bangladesh regarding Environment, Fisheries & Education.
He is the author of five books on fish Culture in Bangla (Shrimp Diseases Management, Pangus Culture Management, Carp Culture Management, Thai Koi Culture Management & Sing-Magur Culture Management. Also Author of two manual (Profitable Fish Culture Management & Fish Diseases Treatment & its prevention).